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The Boss comes in and directs episodes 58 and 59 after a film set accident

Stuart St Paul steps up and directs two episodes 58 and 59

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Stuart St Paul is often called an enabler as he makes things happen. He has invested in many projects, has owned many post facilities and camera hardware and won various and numerous awards including Best Director.
The Hollywood reporter referred to him as a Tri-Hyphenate, highlighting he had written, directed and produced. But Stuart is best known for action and stunts. Two years ago, although technically not working on the set on a huge stunt day in Hungary, he was there when a explosion was allegedly much larger than the tests by many multiples and large enough to swell and burn him. Since then he has been sitting in the back ground and advising as his wife ran the business INDYUK FILMS. Under Jean they halted film production and just made a foray into the web. INDYUK saw the female lead web series Shades Of Bad, that might not have arisen if Stuart was in charge. Stuart was rarely on set, never interfered with Buster Blackledge's direction nor Jean's direction after Buster, nor and more recently Lynn's directorial debut. Stuart, as Jean's life partner just agreed with her to finance the show and permanent equipment it which means they never hire anything. He has then just sat back, watched, occasionally advised and as the others are heard to say, he often criticised. For his IMDB credits click here...

However, after what is almost a two year break from work he has now directed few episodes of Shades Of Bad in a move to get back in the swing. Shades hardly represent the big toys he normally organises and takes responsibility for, but he has started to down size and put his two Red Weapon cameras and the Scarlet up for sale on RedUser.

Shades Of Bad has evolved a lot as he has taken more notice. He pushed Buster to shoot outside at night, then in the woods. Then challenged the girls to write and direct. Now, he has taken a trip to Barcelona with actor Gary Keates and Jean who plays Doris. Starting at 10am, in 4 hours he had shot the 'to and from' the Jewellers shop and was having lunch in a bar. His attitude has changed a lot in two years. But as Stuart says, when you have nearly been killed you think differently.

Stuart then recreated a Jewellers office at actor Nick Simons' house where he shot the interiors of Barcelona. The other sections are in his and Jean's house where Jean makes most of Shades Of Bad. Where as Buster preferred the kitchen, Stuart pushed actor Oliver Degnan for an edgy performance style and a walk into a new area. Stuart likes scenes to be busy visually.

Whether there is visible a difference between the episodes is for the eye to see, they were both shot as fast as the older episodes. Whether Shades Of Bad has entered a new era, or signalled one, a few motivated well known actors have taken notice at the shooting possibilities. They are asking Stuart to look at advising on how they can make their own films with a micro crew. Shades Of Bad has now over 3 hours of edited drama and never had a make up or costume or continuity department. Actors work this way in Fringe Theatre, what they need is the assistance of an enabler to turn their art into film.

Episode 58 - Doris arrives in Barcelona. They started at 10am and were in a bar have shot two episodes by 2pm. The house inserts were shot at the end of the shooting of Derek Redmond's last episode and are actually just a few shots cut in. Click this text for the episode.

Episode 59 - interior jewellers, Stuart was experimenting with pushing the Black Magic PC Camera after reading the manual and blogs on photography because he did not use the camera as well as he could on a sunset episode in low light (ep 61). On the ship on the way home. The episode that was created in the bar before it was shot will still stand as episode 61, but in 59 with no crew and just three small lamps he has pulled the curtains and deliberately worked in the dark.

The music he has used is from the film he directed Bula Quo and his long time friend and composer Mark Blackledge. Again it signals a mood change in Shades Of Bad though the Bula quo music has been used before in the Cat Fight episodes. 
Jean represents Mark at INDYUK if you are looking for a great self contained composer, who uses real musicians as well as samples.  Click here for the great interview with Jean and Mark in his composing studio. Click this text.

Actors Nick Simons and Oliver Degnan are also represented by INDYUK, they both left the profession for proper jobs and a proper wage but are both still very confident infant of camera.

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