Monday, 1 August 2016

Shades Of Bad star nearly died of cancer, now sits back and watches in the Celebrity Big Brother House

Celebrity Big Brother's  James Whale told he is dying of cancer.

Celebrity Big Brother is in full swing, and sitting quietly in the background is James Whale. Although he does not often do it in his working life as a controversial broadcaster, he has had to learn to sit and contemplate because years ago he was diagnosed with kidney cancer. When they found the tumour, it was the size of a football and inoperable. He was told he would not have long to live. How do you deal with that?

That is something hard for any of us to contemplate, but he and his wife decided to take some time. Very close friend Luke Goss suggested a trip to France and they all went away for a while. James decided to spend the last few months with his wife and they spent savings and spent time together. It was a bucket list with the bucket about to tip, there was no option. This was a very dark period and he decided to go out with a bang, and enjoy it with his wife.

James then met a surgeon who suggested he would like to have a go at taking the tumour out. It was a risk. James knew he might not wake up from this very risky surgery that had not been done before. The risk paid off and the huge tumour was removed. James was alive ... and his new problems had to be faced. They had spent all the money they had on the bucket list and time together, no life insurance could now be expected to fill the gap they had made. He now needed to work and work fast as he had new troubles, financial troubles that would have not been there had he lived. It sounds like a movie script, but James was living it. His biography explains it.

James has always been both a successful and controversial presenter. He does take people to task, often doesn't suffer fools, but then when someone has put a ticking clock on you once in your life you do focus on reality.

James now runs a kidney cancer charity because after the fantastic work of the doctor who saved him, he felt he had to give something back. Supporters of the small charity are a loyal group. In this interview he talks frankly about his cancer, because he is with a close friend who nailed him down on a subjst he does not talk about too often. Click below.

James Whale, actor, broadcaster talks about his dark period ....

James, apart from being a guest star as Detective Inspector James Whale in episode 32 of Doris Shades Of Bad (original coffee break versions), is known for the Sunday paper reviews on Sunday Morning Television and his breakfast show on BBC Radio Essex. For many years he had his own late night TV show in the UK with had millions of viewers, figures shows just cannot get nowadays. James has had long stints on LBC, Talk Radio and Talk Sport. Click here to go to the site which will have the interview between James and Stuart.

The Connection ....

James Whale used to be the Late Night presenter on Metro Radio in Newcastle back in the 1970's, and it was there he became friends with Stuart St Paul who was then the breakfast show DJ. Stuart is now the executive producer on Shades Of Bad who has dragged in some interesting guests. Here in this interview, James and Stuart chat, head to head in the garden of Doris Shades, which is his house.  Click here to go to the site which will have the interview between James and Stuart.

The Episode of Shades Of Bad ...

James and Stuart have done some things together over the years though to date James has never got Stuart to go and shoot arrows. Did you know James was a world class archer, who could if he spent time have possibly represented the country. Well, Stuart and James are always talking projects so it was no surprise Stuart got James to do an episode of a web series. It is not his first acting role, he appears in Charlie with Luke Goss.

Episode 32, a lofty number very few web series achieve, is the one that James Whale appears in. The role made for him is Detective Inspector James Whale, who comes into the made house to arrest someone for murder. The series is not to be taken too seriously, it is a very light hearted humorous but very dark show about Doris Shades Of Bad, a woman who has needs, and revenge is amongst them.

Click this text for the episode which is on daily Motion so Blogspot does not support it as a film box.

Watch Shades Of Bad the series

For an indy web series, after James in Episode 32 Doris has a dead body to get rid off, then she is coerced by a new star, the series goes to Norway then Barcelona which is a lofty ambition for an independently funded drama. Stuart feels television has lost its way with grants and free money and people working the industry with no risk. In the USA TV has become the new film with series that from the outset have 'box' mentality and huge worldwide ambition. In the UK we are still serving on handouts. The web will change that because ingenuity and creative talent are explosive and it will kick UK in the rear when the web takes over the TV and saturates it with apps. Our spin off travel show Doris Visits has gone web TV on the Opera Store if you have a new Samsung or new Sony TV. Other TV's are still too stupid. Click here to see the channel on the computer. 

Other Guest Stars in Doris Shades Of Bad ....

Almost all the web series shows nominated for awards in the USA were American, but guest star Richard Beaumont was nominated for his guest appearance. Ricky was a child star in many films like Digby the Dog. Now, as we head into the Rio Olympics period World Champion and Olympian Derek Redmond becomes a huge presence in ten episodes ... episodes 43 to 53. Derek was hugely nervous in his first acting role and due to his packed diary he often had to change days, arrive late and on one day had a Sky Sports camera team arrive at the house to take over and interview him during a lunch break. Take a look at his entrance.