Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Mamma Mia! Doris is still away from the drama Shades Of Bad, at now the ABBA Museum in Stockholm.

Doris is still celebrating, well, she never stops! Her husband left her and things have gone on just dandy in the last year as the drama series Shades Of Bad has unfolded and she has accidentally become a serial killer. Well, as she says, "she is a woman and a woman has needs - revenge is amongst them." But that is another story.

Now, celebrating a year of the drama series and numerous awards, she has taken the crew away with her on a cruise of the Baltic Sea, and the second stop is Stockholm; famous for Abba, Ikea and Noble.

You may have seen her films of the Denmark stop looking out to the night sky with a G&T.
Doris is watched and followed more than by just the crooks and villains in her series, Doris Visits film of the Great Belt Bridge is trending!
Click here if you missed it.

Doris has landed in Sweden, which is another collection of islands in the Baltic Sea. The medieval town of Stockholm is a collection of 14 islands. Stockholm Old Town which she walks round, offers many photographic opportunities, but her film will quickly orientate you, take you round the best of the Old Town then over to another island and Tivoli and ... yes, Abba.
Click here for the Stockholm film.

Doris also visits the Abba Museum which is a must. The top place in chic nostalgia that will just whoosh you back in time.
The Abba Museum is living history retold in an interactive magazine where all is possible including cutting a record and appearing on stage as one of them. Seriously take the tour!

Watch the Doris Visits Abba Museum film - click here.

The changing of the guards at the Royal Palace, which is on most tourist rosters to visit, takes place at mid day. 

It is a far more somber affair than the Abba museum but is a big plus to many, so we cut that into a separate film. which can be enjoyed here. Click here for the Changing Of The Guards.

If you like Royal matters Doris Visits has a Buckingham Palace film in the London section and a Royal Yacht Britannia in the Edinburgh section.

Finally, we have to include a stop on the way at the Tall Ships festival in Kiel. There, Doris lost it.... take 2! Click here for the Kiel Tall Ships Festival film.

More to come, the Baltic is a huge place that deserves time. Doris is off to Tallinn in Estonia.... follow the Daily Motion Doris Visits channel... next week we are back to filming the drama ... another killing!