Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Happy Birthday, SHADES OF BAD UK web series one year old and now shooting abroad with new stars.

Shades Of Bad, the UK web series is one year old!
In the year it reached number two in the ISA chart and stayed in the top 10 until the chart stopped.

Jean Heard was voted Best Actress twice.
Richard Beaumont was nominated for an award as Guest Male actor.
Richard and Jean and then Jean and Lynn were voted into the Best Duo section on many occasions.

The birthdate is not exactly known because we were to go live in July 2015 and jumped the gun, but as a channel, Shades of Bad has 49 episodes and some specials live. Has got another 10 plus episodes loaded for auto schedule (see below film) ... and travel films lined up.

We have around 150 films uploaded in a year with Doris Visits and the other strands
Happy Birthday !!!   Doris TV .......

Shades Of Bad
Doris Visits
How To Film
Ask Doris
Bula Quo (soon a web series)
and soon to come, Devil's Gate .....

Take a look at our channel now on YouTube.

The playlists are the body of work we are very proud to have created.

Now we are experimenting with OS TV, Strimm and Opera .... all experiments that will move us closer to being a TV Channel.

Thanks for your support, we are still learning and still growing.

Take a look at this weeks film releases.

Loading and Scheduling

A scheduled film on Daily Motion that is not released but loaded this week.

Doris interviews the composer Mark Blackledge.


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