Thursday, 3 November 2016

James Whale moves to Talk Radio

James Whale moves from BBC Essex to Talk Radio

Our good friend and supporter of all Doris does, not obviously in the script, she is a killer - James has moved to Talk Radio. James who was in the celebrity Big Brother House did go back to local radio for a few weeks but the offer to tempt him back to national radio was too huge.

He can now be heard on Talk Radio daily, Monday to Thursday 7pm to 10pm. My guess is the only way that the BBC would have kept him was to offer him a national slot, and Radio 2 is deadman shoes almost literally. Working for Sky TV and Talk Radio give James a national platform and hopefully we will see him back with a TV show of some form very soon.

James appeared in, episode 32 of Shades Of Bad just for fun, as Detective Inspector James Whale and has been a supporter of the Doris Shades spin off show DORIS VISITS which is a travel channel dealing with mainly adventurous seniors and causing, but we are talking ski, golf and ride the white water rapids of the Zambezi. 

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