Friday, 13 May 2016

33. Emma Bunton asks, Blowing up Emmerdale village to Shades Of Bad, then Norway? Doris has left the kitchen !

Shades Of Bad got spiced up when Stuart went on Too Much TV. 

Doris has left the kitchen ! Shades Of Bad the UK web series arrives in Norway and it all started in Emmerdale, ask Emma Bunton.

Doris arrives in Norway but there is a problem.  Over the next ten episodes Doris is on a mission in Norway, and she starts by refusing to get a cheap flight!   If you are searching via the Shades Of Bad playlist that starts to run from episode 44.

So, Doris and the crew go walkabouts abroad with a Black Magic camera, DR70D mixer and a radio mic, small lamp and a defector. What more does a film crew need?

Derek (Derek Redmond), the man who sent her there has had a tip off that she is being followed, already! She must avoid the police at all costs, though it will not be the police who are after her.
She was meant to go to Oslo to collect a package, she has arrived in Stavanger. Someone has to travel. Either she now gets a train to Oslo, that is not going to happen, it is Doris ... or the man travels to Stavanger. Where? Exactly. Doris has left the kitchen.

Exec producer on Shades Of Bad, Stuart St Paul, first worked on the TV soap Emmerdale in 1986 because he was working on other ITV shows like Prime Suspect and (Band of) Gold in Manchester, and in Yorkshire TV on shows like Stay Lucky as stunt coordinator as well as looking after other shows including The Bill and Casualty. They had a very special need and a conference was called, infant many conferences and meetings to discuss a major change.

Emmerdale then decided to go from the sleepy Emmerdale Farm afternoon show to something bigger and the transition was to be the historic passenger plane crash into the village. To this day, and it is 2016 that is thirty years on, Stuart still has requests fto be interviewed on that topic. He was recently with Emma Bunton on Too Much TV being asked about that huge game changer that Emmerdale from afternoon soap to evening daily drama.

Though it was never admitted, one could suggest it was to recreate what may have happened at Lockerbie. He joined a team of three to plan the action. The rest is history, he stayed at Emmerdale as an advisor to the show right up until Bula Quo in 2012 winning many awards for Best Episode, Best Exit etc... That was 26 years as a creative advisor to the show.

So the cruise link is that Emmerdale posted Stuart to a cruise ship as a celebrity guest to talk about the action he put into the show. That was a Fred Olson ship and he and Jean (Doris) both loved it. Though they never thought we would like cruising, wild horses would not have dragged them to sea for a holiday, they had a great time. Now they both appear as guests on many ships, 'Doris', has just done a tour and review of the AZURA. It has spawned a travel series which they wish they had started years and years ago.

Stuart started his career as a compare, radio broadcaster (hence the connection with James Whale and his appearance in the show) so he has no problems taking the stage and talking. As he has no shortage of great stills with huge stars like Van Damme, huge action plans from some of the biggest films and stories from working on Mrs Brown's Boys to horrors like Chucky, Superman, Aliens and three Bond films he puts on a great show.

Jean is now directing Shades Of Bad since Buster left, and the Norway episodes are the start. Her being abroad meant that she was not required when shooting in the UK and that was when Buster got a movie, so Jean naturally helped and directed Derek Redmond.

The first episode that goes abroad is 44. Click here to go there. Please subscribe to the channel and share and tweet. @shadesofbad