Sunday, 10 April 2016

28. Season 3 of Shades is back from filming in the Carrebean

Shades Of Bad TV release 10 spin off travel films on Dubai including the tallest building on the planet ... and schedule the whole of Season 3 - 20 episodes for auto release

The small film crew are back from the Caribbean where episode 60 of the drama Shades Of Bad was shot. Yes, it was a long way to go for a 3 minute drama episode, and the rear of the ship plays for leaving Barcelona which was shot end last summer. Crazy film world.

But, Episode 60 will be an end of season 3 when released. While away we edited episode 60 and laid the music on making it more complete than a few of the episodes that will precede it that still sit in the post production queue.

The Caribbean is a long way to go, but, while there we do shoot more of the spin off travel shows, Doris Visits.

As the 'awards season' for films, TV and drama shows is yet to complete and leave sand the drama web charts are not published in this hiatus we have held season three to start soon.
To fill the gap before we start releasing season 3 episode around the 15th April, Shades Of Bad TV have put the ten films on Doris Visits Dubai on the main channel with a trailer of the drama season 3 at the end or each film. The trailer is the new and current channel trailer (we never had one before!!) with just a teaser clip of episode 60 in the sun at the end.

The Doris Visits films are always an orientation of a place and a quick look as she sees the city or port. Dubai has ten films because it is the hot destination, the party playground of the world where everything is bigger and richer, beyond all reason. There is one film where Doris goes to the sky bar 'Atmosphere' high in the Burj Khalifa. To say it is the tallest building in the world is a mammoth understatement. I stands multiple times higher than skyscrapers that dwarf other sky scrapers as you will see when she looks down. All the films are spectacular, but the view from the 124th floor of the Burj Khalifa, part of the Armani Hotel, is nothing short of incredible. Yes, there are smaller mountains and yes there are still 60 floors above her!

Downtown is a contrast, 99% discounts on 100% genuine fakes, and dinner for pennies.

The keen amongst you may notice that the Shades Of Bad TV site now has playlists of of our feature film sites, FREIGHT and BULA QUO as we work to build it into one connected channel.

This is just a case of trying to make it all more user friendly and connect all our product. The book FREIGHT is due out in May.

Back to Dubai....

The Dubai Mall is one of the biggest in the world, and it is full of surprises.

The Madinat is the playground of the rich.

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We will be adding new Caribbean films to the list shortly.