Wednesday, 9 March 2016

25. 7th Annual Indie Series Awards Best Guest actor nominee killed

7th Annual Indie Series Awards Best Guest actor nominee killed ... a woman scorned.

The 7th Annual Indie Series Awards were held on Wednesday, April 6, at the historic El Portal Theatre, hosted by Eric Martsolf and Jen Lilley. The nomination for the female lead web series Shades Of Bad was for Richard Beaumont as best guest actor at the start of Season 2. 
So the female leads killed him off. That will teach him.

This is truly is a landmark end of Season 2; episode 40 of Shades Of Bad which sees 'the lady serial killers in training' peak and leave the kitchen and house for the very first time! They have to dispose of their first dead body. The dark humour is at it's darkest in this special episode. Doris fires out suggestions as to what they should do with the body as Wilma ponders becoming a romantic author.

While the Dexter-like characters develop, remember it is Doris's house, so visually the garden is over-the-top Desperate Housewives! Buster has LED strip lights all round the pool in the garden which has a lit fountain. Watch and share.....

Where next?

The serial may appear to have peaked, but will return after a few weeks of celebration with Season 3 which is all but shot. Here is a teaser with one of the new stars, Olympian and World Champion Derek Redmond playing the gangster Drek who headhunts Doris for greater things and sees the ambitions of the show escalate along with her greed for personal success. Season three will start in a couple of weeks.

So Season 3, with Shades Of Bad's very own version of Idris will commence in a few weeks as the Rio Olympics get nearer - funny that (a line he comes out with when referring to 'white powder').